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Mindfulness-based Coaching and Training
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About Barbara Pamment

Core Competencies

Resource- and solution-focused work with individuals, groups, and organizations; creative design and implementation of concepts; analytical and systems thinking; mindfulness-based approach in coaching and trainings; mindful leadership training expertise.


  • Dipl. Psychologist FH, Switzerland
  • Member of the Swiss Professional Association of Applied Psychology SBAP
  • MSt in MBCT Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, University of Oxford, GB
  • Advanced Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness for Mindfulness Providers, David Treleaven, US
  • Foundations of Polyvagal Informed Practice, Polyvagal Institute, US
  • Diploma in Relational Mindfulness, Karuna Institute, GB
  • NLP Practitioner, Vienna, A



Systemic and mindfulness-based consulting of executives and private individuals: Mindful, value-oriented and trauma-sensitive.

Counseling for meditators and professionals who teach mindfulness.

Organizational Consulting

Three decades of experience in designing and accompanying processes of organizational mindfulness in the balance of goals, effectiveness, profit, ethics, wellbeing, caring and not-knowing.


Customized seminars for organizations on leadership, communication, cooperation, conflict management for organizations.

Development and implementation of Mindfulness-based training programs in organizations and for individuals. Implementation of Mindful Leadership Programs in the health care sector, public administration and in corporations such as German car manufacturers, major Swiss banks, chemical and pharmaceutical companies.


English and German


COACHING Leadership

Mindfulness-based coaching for change-makers - online or face to face in Winterthur

COACHING Meditation Practice

for meditators and mindfulness teachers - online or face to face in Winterthur

COACHING Mastering Transitions

Mindfulness based coaching for individuals in transitions - online or face to face in Winterthur

You have a dream of a cooperative, friendly and regenerative future?

Are you ready to take a step into unknown territory in your precious life? To move with the flow of change of all things?

Become a Mindful Transformer or Leader
in the service of your life, your organization, your community, this planet.

Here you will find helpful coaching and training in mindful self-management to be mindful on your journey with others.

Mindful Transformation & Leadership

Carefully entering the unknown and inviting others on the journey & In contact with strengths, fears and vulnerabilities & Practicing mindful self-management to calm the mind again and again towards clear perception and an open heart & Anchored in body awareness while talking, listening and acting & Rooted in the intention to serve the well-being of all and the planet & Guided by ethics and values & In full, compassionate presence & Creating spaces of security, belonging and respect together for transformation 

“It was very helpful for me to benefit from Barbara's experience. Her loving way of dealing with people has inspired me. ”

– Key Account Manager


“The eight-week MBCT training shows amazing effects / impacts. ”

– Senior physician


“The topic of stress has been on my mind for a long time. I have received many inputs: How do I look at myself and how do I become more relaxed and how do I deal with circling thoughts.”

– Customer consultant


"The training has helped me a lot to discover and re-perceive negative behaviors, to rethink them lovingly and to direct them into a certain distance. I now go through life more relaxed."

– Professional trainer


"II learned a lot: it was an encouragement to say yes to me, yes to everything I just encountered."

– Pastor


"I am impressed with the intensity, lightness, professionalism and presence with which Barbara guided us through a journey of mindfulness. She artfully wove her vast knowledge with practical experience".

– Coach