Do you want to foster a shift in leadership culture? I offer trainings tailored to your organization and its environments.

Leadership implies both individual and collective components, it is a function centered in organizational processes whose members are creating meaning of what is being perceived in the context and developing the best strategy and action to manage and change contentious problems. Some organizational actors are formal leaders, some are engaged employees or groups – sometimes it is crucial and sometimes not clear or important where an intervention originated.

Mindful Leaders

  • bring both focused and broad attention to evident, habitual, and hidden cues to tap into multiple perspectives of the current reality;
  • are respectfully curious and re-appraise their own habitual self-reinforcing mindsets and expectations that guide their perception;
  • know about the tendency of the mind to cloud over with one’s problem-solving frenzy and deliberately and regularly step out into a restful, clear, still and non-judgmental awareness of what is experienced in the moment;
  • are kindly present and responsive with themselves and others, know how to listen and enquire deeply;
  • are sensitive to contextual shifts and tap into new information as a source of innovation;
  • invite and empower others to join in shared sense-making, decision-finding and leadership processes to manage ambiguity and contentious challenges.

Teams with clear goals, flexible co-operation, and a belief in their ability to deliver achieve better results. I support you in examining existing processes in order to improve their effectiveness and to establish powerful goals. I help you to build team coherence. I empower you to improve communication, resolve conflicts, and learn to cope with change together. In a first meeting with the manager of the team we analyze the situation to decide collaboratively on the methodology best suited to approach it.

Does your organization want to shape its own destiny and connect with its emerging future? I help you to improve the balance between paying attention to the needs of individuals while moving the whole organization forward strategically, structurally and culturally, at a pace that deals with competitive realities. I work with the organization to tailor each intervention: from respectfully analyzing the situation to creatively designing and implementing the change process to evaluating the process - to make sure the learning cycle and self-organizing processes are empowered and connected.

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