You have learning objectives for your organization. You want your team, your management, your HR or your organization to tap into their potential in order to engage, create, perform, and deliver excellence in an ever changing environment. I design and implement seminars with regard to your developmental goals. I encourage individuals to learn and to be true to themselves and to their organization.


  • New: Mindful Leadership - an eight-step training program
  • Leadership and managament in a dynamic environment: Shifting contentious problems with focus, awareness, authenticity, and appreciative cooperation
  • An 8-week Mindfulness Training at the work place: Turning towards the present moment with focus and equanimity
  • Systemic and mindful conflict management
  • Facilitation of negotiation and decision-making processes with executives
  • Intuition and decision-making
  • Coaching Skills Training for Leaders

My tools are diverse: Inputs and discussions; experimenting and exchanging in small groups; creative processing; dialogue - within the individual, within the group, with nature; silence. We connect to achieve the individuals' and group's developmental goals, to process experiences and insights, and to anchor resources for mastering the challenges at work and in every day life.

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