Individual and organizational mindfulness

The Institute for Mindfulness understands mindfulness as a practice, a skill, and an attitude that allows us to connect with and be aware of our present moment experience. By cultivating mindfulness, we learn to be present and, even more importantly, we learn to see how we are present. This very fine skill not only sharpens our awareness of ourselves and others, but also allows us to recognize and step out of unhelpful mind states (e.g. rumination) and reactive behavioural patterns. We are no longer mindlessly driven by our thoughts and emotions. Bringing both focused attention and broad awareness to actual experience can have a tremendous impact on how we relate to other people and to ourselves.

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Mindful Leadership

An 8-step training program

Today’s companies are required to cultivate structures, conditions and skills that allow for employees to engage innovatively with and adapt to a fast paced and dynamic environment. Leadership in these circumstances is becoming ever more complex and demanding. To co-create the engaging relationships and the availability of the skills needed to solve contentious problems, leaders require a high level of awareness, inner clarity, mental flexibility, emotional intelligence and resonating communication skills – they require mindfulness.

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MBCT: Mindfulness training to increase equanimity


Mindfulness Training
A 8-week MBCT program to foster
equanimity and resilience


You're interested in deepening your understanding of your stress response cycle and how you may step out of it? You're looking for more ways to reduce anxiety, depressing thoughts, and pain?

Research has shown that the practice of mindfulness can enhance the ability to cope with stress and pain, and effectively relax body and mind.

MBCT (Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy) is recommended by the UK’s National Institute of Clinical Excellence and is as effective as drugs for preventing depression. But, more importantly, it also works for the rest of us who are struggling to keep up with the constant demands of the modern world.

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The vertical social network TheMindfulness.NET connects professionals, organizations and practitioners around the topic of mindfulness.

Präsentation Führung braucht Freiheit im Kopf starten - Klick im BildLeadership requires spaciousness in mind and heart

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