Living a Life with Integrity – Taking Mindful Action

6 MONTH ONLINE COURSE led by Barbara and Katrin

Location: online on ‚Zoom'

Accessing and navigating the digital platform is secure and easy, also for those who are new to it. You will have the opportunity to join a short warming-up session on to get familiar with the technical aspects prior to the beginning of this training. 

Taking Mindful Action

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Course Description

The current state of the world calls for mindful action. We need to live with an open heart, a clear mind, and rooted in integrity. The mindfulness traditions offer a training path to develop those qualities of the mind and heart. With this inner compass, we orient ourselves towards the well-being of all.

In monthly meetings, we will strengthen our qualities of mind and heart and learn how to weave them into our daily lives. We will contemplate qualities of mind and heart: generosity, virtue, renunciation, wisdom, energy. Each session will focus on one quality. We will investigate underlying, unrecognized motivations, emotions, and thoughts and dig into deep rooted, often unconscious habits and reactions. We will explore our mind and heart both in our daily practice and in our lives. Transforming old self-centered habits into new open-hearted ones is now possible.

Each session consists of guided mindfulness meditation, sharing of experience, instructions on working with a new quality.

Barbara Pamment has been practicing in various Buddhist traditions for over 30 years. Katrin Micklitz has been a practitioner in the Insight Meditation tradition. Both are experienced mindfulness teachers trained by the University of Oxford Mindfulness Centre, UK.

This course is based on Gail Starks book Creating a Life of Integrity: In Conversation with Joseph Goldstein.

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