Mindfulness Training - Taking it Further

 Location: online on ‚Zoom'

Accessing and navigating the digital platform is secure and easy, also for those who are new to it. You will have the opportunity to join a short warming-up session on zoom.us to get familiar with the technical aspects prior to the beginning of this training. 

Taking it Further

Dates (coming soon)

18:00 - 20:00 CET

820 CHF

Course Description

Many people graduating an 8-week Mindfulness program would like to continue what they have started with guidance and support.
This 12 week course developed by the Oxford Mindfulness Centre introduces a new curriculum that is intended for graduates of 8-week programs to:

o Reinforce and deepen their mindfulness meditation practice
o Deepen and broaden the learning of the key themes from the 8-week curriculum
o The explicit cultivation of the attitudes of mindfulness, in both formal and informal practice o The development of the positive valence system to support well-being and flourishing
o Support participants in applying all that is learned in their lives, in ways that are consonant with their values
o Provide a shared community of practice

The program comprises twelve themes. Examples of the themes are: attention!; inhabiting our bodies; appreciating the life you have; how can I best take care of myself and others?; cool head, warm heart: the art of balance and equanimity and; being the change you'd like to see in the world.
We will explore these themes in guided meditations, individual reflections, and dialogues (dyads to full group settings) – and of course in everyday practice and integration.

Max group size for this course: 16 course participants

Entry Requirements / Who is the course for?

To join this programme you need to be a graduate of a introduction to mindfulness 8 week course, either MBCT, MBSR, or other similar mindfulness course.

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