Coaching focuses on three questions:

Where am I? Where am I going? How will I get there?

I support you on your journey of developing self-/other awareness and the competence to achieve your most important life and/or career goals. Increasing wellbeing and resilience in the face of stress, burnout and other distressing challenges is supported by mindfulness-based internventions, as evidence has shown. Accepting and exploring what is really happening in your context and testing options of actions are part of the learning and changing process.

By connecting with your potential, you

  • widen your perspective and perceive your best solutions,
  • stengthen your access to your resources and joy,
  • enlarge your circle of influence,
  • develop the skills you need in order to implement your goals,
  • manage change and transition.

One to one sessions can be arranged at your place of work, at my practice, by phone, or in nature. Talking, defining, being silent, creatively expressing, finding rituals are some of the coaching methods I use to connect you with new perspectives. The coaching relationship is confidential - I will not give feedback to anyone without your permission.

In Leadership Coachings, I recommend that your manager take part in setting objectives, hold monthly reviews with you and take part in the final evaluation.

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