barbara pamment

Dipl. Psychologist FH, Switzerland

Consultant for Organizational Development IEF, Switzerland

MSt in MBCT Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, University of Oxford, GB

Diploma in Relational Mindfulness, Karuna Institute, GB

NLP Practitioner, Vienna, A

Member of the Swiss Professional Association of Applied Psychology SBAP.

Born in 1961, Winnipeg, Canada

Now operating out of Zell, Switzerland


Core Competences

Resource- and solution-focused work with individuals, groups and organizations; creative design and implementation of concepts; analytical and systems thinking; mindfulness-based interventions and trainings; mindful authentic leadership development.

Core Topics

Developing focussed attention, inner stability, and mental openness to increase presence, concentration, and resonance in leadership, relationship, and performance. Exploring the links between mind and behavior. Contemplative interventions to reduce anxiety and (conflict-) stress. Systemic design of change in management. Collectively shaping the future. Emotionally intelligent communication. Teams unfolding their power and performance. Mindfulness -the art of connecting, deciding, and acting with awareness.

Core Business

Systemic counseling based on mindfulness; organizational development; leadership coaching; designing and implementing team and leadership development programs.


English and German


Independent consultant and facilitator since 2000:

  • Since 2012 back in Switzerland: Counseling. Leadership coaching. Organizational and leadership development. Mindfulness training for individuals and groups. Seminars like 'The potential of Conflict Management' (BWI) or 'Leadership in need of mental spaciousness' (ISI).
  • 2010 - 2012 on Haida Gwaii, CA: Mindfulness Trainings (based on MBCT). Counseling at the elementary school and in private practice. Design and facilitation of the change process in an Aboriginal social organization. Mediation.
  • Organizational development e.g. designing and facilitating the change process at a Public Family and Children Development Agency (80 employees), at a Navigation Company (120 employees).
  • Individual leadership and life coachings.
  • Leadership development programs, e.g. for the Leadership Institute of Credit-Suisse, the Teachers’ Faculty of the University of Zurich, the SAirgroup Holding, the Qualiflyer Group, the AGOGIS College Zurich.
  • Seminars/ trainings e.g. the design and facilitation of seminars as “Facilitation of Groups”, “Conflict Management and Leadership”, “Enhancing Your Circle of Influence”, Creative Thinking” for staff members of Public Administrations of City and Cantons (Provinces) Winterthur, Lucerne, Zurich.
  • Team building workshops e.g. for a High School Staff, a team of school psychologists.

Management Positions before 2000:

  • Personnel & Management Development, Atraxis, (SAirgroup’s IT-Company), Zurich-Airport. Responsible for developing and facilitating leadership programs (30 days) as well as assessment centres for project leaders; team development; coaching. Reported to the board of executives.
  • Head of Personnel Training, “Pro Juventute”, Zurich. Responsible for concepts and policies with regard to the regional trainers; coached organizational development; facilitated personnel training and supervision. Reported to the board of executives.
  • Head of “Die Dargebotene Hand” (Life Line), Aarau. Supervised and coached 30 telephone counsellors; drafted policies and protocols; developed and facilitated curricula for entry-level staff. Reported to the chair of the board.
  • Personnel & Management Development, Swissair (national airline), Zurich-Airport. Deputy; responsible for the design and facilitation of leadership development programmes (30 days) and supervision of trainer team; seminars on communication, personality development, chairing group meetings.
  • Psychological Counsellor for Adolescents and Families, Samowar, Thalwil. Co- head of a team of four. Counselled young adults, families, teachers; designed and facilitated evening classes on topics as adolescence or addiction for parents and teachers.
  • Therapist, Drogenstation Frankental (rehabilitation clinic for drug addicts), Zurich. Coached patient; designed and facilitated groups; took care of administrative support for the patients.

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