Exploring and connecting different worlds of experience nourishes Barbara's being and inspires her doing.

Barbara's strengths and experience lie in designing and implementing new spaces of learning - whether at an individual or organizational level. She is valued for her ability to intensely bring attention to people and processes; to generate presence and energy; to analyze patterns and bring them to light respectfully; to encourage the awareness and connecting of personal resources; to support the release of potential in people and organisations.

Barbara's 30 years experience in counselling, training, and managing provide her with an excellent foundation for her work as a coach and facilitator. She develops interventions for and with individual, group, and organizational clients from both the public and private sectors. 15 years ago she started her own business as a consultant. She approaches tasks with a mindfulness-based approach and constructivist-systemic knowledge.

Barbara is chairperson of the

Institute for Mindfulness - The promoter for mindful work and life
The international Institute for Mindfulnes is an independent, non-profit association based in Switzerland championing progressive change through the promotion of mindfulness.